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CondoGo Made Simple - Here's How It Works

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Welcome to CondoGo.com, My name is Ian Watt, one of the top realtors in Downtown Vancouver.
What Ive noticed over the past 5 years is that some people will pay a premium price for a premium service
and other people just want great service, amazing marketing, all at the best price possible.
And that's why I started CondoGo.com and here's how it works.
This is Julie. She's interested in selling her condo in the Greater Vancouver area and she's not exactly sure where to start.
Julie's been looking online for a long time. She's been watching the real estate market.
She knows whats presently for sale and her building and what is sold in the past. Julie also knows her condo is very attractive and she realizes that if its priced correctly, it will most likely sell very fast.
Julie heard through a friend that CondoGo offers the 3 things that are important to her when it comes to selling real estate and those 3 things include;
 - a discount commission because she wants to save as much money as possible
 - a great commission as an incentive to the buyers realtor
 - and a powerful online marketing program that will give her condo maximum exposure to buyers from all over the world.

Julie then went to CondoGo.com to learn more. After understanding the CondoGo system and studying the marketing page, she then felt confident that CondoGo.com was the right way to sell her condo in today's market.
Julie also went to IanWatt.ca to compare the 2 levels of service and what Julie realizes that the big difference with CondoGo.com is that Ian Watt is not present for all showings.However when an offer comes in Ian Watt and a senior negotiator will take over the file, negotiate the offer and ensure everything runs smoothly.
Julie then filled out the simple 10 questions, CondoGo online evaluation page. She didn't even have to leave personal information or her phone number either. which made her very relieved that no pushy salesman was going to harass her and she never ended up on a realtor spam list either.
And within 24 hours she received an email with the suggested list price for her condo.
Just to be sure. Julie then called 3 more realtors to see if they could give her a free evaluation as well,  this gave her more confidence that the suggested list price that CondoGo gave her was accurate. She took the average of the evaluations. Called CondoGo to list her place and her client concierge came to her home to  measure up the condo, finalize the listing price and complete the paperwork.
The client concierge is a licensed realtor and acts like an account manager dedicate to showcasing your property. She is always there to show your condo, she never hands out keys to strangers, she never uses a lockbox and is always there to answer any questions, explain the benefits and features and  ensure your condo is secure and safe.

However, unlike most realtors, our CondoGo client concierges are not paid based on a commission of your sale price. They are paid based on client satisfaction, timeliness of the sale, and a handful of other items - none of which are correlated to the final sale price.

The one thing that Julie loves about this service and the client concierge system is that after every showing, her client concierge always emails Julie to let her know how the showing went, reports on any feedback and gives suggestions for making the condo show in its best possible light.
When an offer comes in on Julie's condo, the client concierge passes over the file to a senior negotiator. The senior negotiator and Ian Watt will come in and negotiate the property on Julie's behalf. This ensures that the entire process runs smoothly that the contracts are strong and binding and most importantly ensure that you Julie protected from losing her number one investment.
At the end of the entire sale process, Julie was extremely happy she chose CondoGo.com for 2 main reasons, one the sale was handled in a fast, accurate, systematic manner and furthermore she saved thousands of dollars which was a great boost towards her next purchase.

This has been CondoGo.com, to learn more about how CondoGo.com can sell your home and save you money be sure to check out the Marketing page, the System page and the Commission page and please take your time to look at the hundreds of condo listing in your area.
My name is Ian Watt and this is been CondoGo.com.
Thank you very much and have a great day!