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CondoGo - Discounted Real Estate Commissions with Full Service Marketing

At IanWatt’s CondoGo.com, we do things quite differently and we are very proud of that.

For the past 25 years, although technology and the tools realtors have had have changed, the real estate business has had the same old business model of hiring a realtor to send the documents in to the MLS, maybe leaving your home on a lockbox, waiting for a buyer's realtor to bring their clients through and hoping they write an offer.

Now because of economies of scale created by new web technologies and a unique business model, the condo owner has more options and more power than ever before. Let us explain.

First of all, the unique CondoGo.com system is for sellers of condominium real estate only. Furthermore, we have created a carefully organized method that helps homeowners sell their condos in the most professional and powerful way, and thanks to the strength and reach of the internet, we can offer these services at a discounted cost to the seller.

When listing and selling real estate, no matter what system you use or what kind of property you are selling, there are two important things to remember;

  • Having a powerful web based marketing program, &
  • Offering an attractive commission to bring in the most buyer realtors possible

And at Ian Watt's CondoGo.com, we offer both at an affordable rate.


Here's How the CondoGo.com System Works.

When you have decided to sell your condo, visit the CondoGo Online Condo Evaluation page which is also known as the Price List Formula, fill out the 10 questions with no need to give out your last name or personal contact information, and we will email you a suggested list price for your Vancouver condo within 24 hours.

No pushy salesman will call you and you won't be added to a spam email database either. Next, when you are ready and have decided that the CondoGo system is for you, at that time you will meet with a Client Concierge to preview your condo, measure your home, finalize the listing price and sign the listing paperwork for the MLS

However, unlike most discounted commissioned services, CondoGo.com's marketing plan for your home is a set standard of 10 tools and tactics, those which are never discounted and always including in your listing fees. From the moment your property is listed in the CondoGo.com database, an extensive network springs into action to locate and match potential buyers - this is achieved by combining Ian Watt’s experience with today's technologies which are the platform for the CondoGo.com system. To learn more about CondoGo.com’s marketing plan, please click here.

Each territory is assigned to a licensed realtor, but we prefer to call them a Client Concierge. Your Client Concierge is more like Account Manager in charge of client satisfaction and is dedicated to selling your condo only - never running around with buyers. As most condos on the MLS are sold with 2 realtors (a buyer's realtor and a seller's realtor - rarely does one realtor handle both sides) we found it more beneficial to focus the Client Concierge on one task only - selling your condo - while along the way giving you updates and feedback on all showings. What's more, is he or she is not paid a commission, but rather a base salary per month with incentives given on client satisfaction, timeliness of the sale and a handful of other factors – none of which are correlated to the final sale price. At CondoGo.com we believe that your Client Concierge should be rewarded for meeting and exceeding your expectations. 

One amazingly important role of your Client Concierge is that he or she will always personally show your property - we don't use a lockbox, we will never hand out keys for people (or other Realtors) to view the property themselves, and your home will never be left for strangers to roam around without direction. This will allow your home to be safe, shown in the best possible way, and to explain the unit, neighbourhood, building and amenities etcetera, so both the buyer and the buyer’s realtor can understand every benefit and merit of your condo. To learn more about CondoGo.com's Client Concierge service, please click here.

Real Estate is a business and moreover it’s a numbers game. Now due to the facts there are 9400 realtors in the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, and most buyers work with a purchasing realtor, offering an attractive commission is the key to having your property exposed to the most amount of people possible. Therefore, with the CondoGo.com system we offer the same attractive buyer commissions as IanWatt.ca and the cut in the standard commission cost at IanWatt.ca comes out of our pockets at CondoGo.com, passing the savings on to you.

Ian Watt's Involvement When You Work with CondoGo.com

Please note, that although Ian Watt is not involved at every showing of your condo on a daily basis, Ian Watt will oversee every step of the transaction.

WHEN AN OFFER COMES IN IAN WATT WILL TAKE OVER THE ACCOUNT, this includes reading and understanding all offers that come in and negotiating your offer to ensure you are protected and you achieve the best sale price possible.

This is a system much like many realtors employ, having numerous licensed assistants or a large team, but the realtor you hired is not doing all the legwork. So the question we ask is, “if you're not getting who you asked for, then why are you paying the top dollar?”

This CondoGo.com system
would not have been possible 10 years ago. However, due to the innovative technologies we use, running a streamlined operation, with the backend being 100% online (business operations, administration and marketing) the cost savings is a reality. Just to be clear, all commission cost cutting happens on our side – the listing side. Our Client Concierge services are 100% hands on and we always will offer the personal attention that you expect, but at a fraction of the cost.

To learn more about CondoGo.com’s discount pricing, please click here








































** The CongoGo.com Commission Savings are based on the IanWatt.ca Standard Commissions. There are no set industry standard commissions. See the CondoGo disclaimer for more information.

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